Friday, 24 February 2012


Must keep working, must, must help.

Experiment 1.0 results (2)

Rubiks cube: showed some confusion over concept, with little success as he probably tries to make the collective knowledge he has into one cohesive theory of it's completion.

Toddlers toy: successful able to put a different shaped block into it's complementary hole.

puzzle box with operator symbol inside: intelligence causes an ability to either find who knew how to open it or used own ingenuity. When opened he was surprised and fled as the intention I had when drawing with it was negative towards PRE 01, reaffirms evidence that operator symbols can affect PRE 01 depending on the intention the individual has when drawing it.

Face to Face chess match: one with me White, and one Black, showed incredible intelligence, didn't invade my mind to get my tactic, didn't understand concept of sacrifice, meaning improvisation and sacrifice led to a draw.

Extra: feel free to comment in the backlog of posts if you think I have got anything wrong, I need work to do, must work. I'm sorry I can't save anyone, I truly am, sorry, sorry so....., bumbling Idiot,...rry, but I must keep looking I promised, I promised her, promised, Tom promised, he said it would work, I must keep working must keep looking must keep living, sorry, promised. Why?
hehe, why? WHY? Such a fundamental question even Toddlers understand it's infinite regress, Why must we be the ones to suffer, Why must we shoulder the burden of stopping the world burn? Why?, WHY?!?!?

WHY must we be left alone!? WHY are WE denied love!?

sorry, I failed, I promised and I failed, promised, sorry, I promised her.

Oh No look at the state he's in, why Does he keep this thing up it's useless, 5 people, listen to what he says and I doubt if the numbers that high. I may try to persuade him to delete it, it'd be better for him, for both of us.


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