Thursday, 16 February 2012

food for thought

Hello blogosphere, I have been gone for 4 days, roughly, and some of you may not care but I feel like I've been slacking off, and frankly I'm bored.
So it's time for another thought experiment post, hopefully without too many tangents, I may go on for the soul line of thought.

Do you remember when there was belief that instead of going to some heaven type place after they died those that got killed by Slendy would instead be taken and held within him or some denomination of this thought. This isn't as implausible as you may think, as the soul like everything in the universe is made out of energy condensed  into one form or another. And Slendy requires energy to live, this can tie in to my belief he feeds off the stealing of someones identity, as the soul is the pure identity of a person, so he decides between the slow leech of waiting and wearing them down or the quick death stealing the identity right there and then, may explain why Slendy may exhibit some hive mind inclinations, whilst maintaining an autonomous nature.

This leads to the question how long they last as being part of the Slender Man? This I don't know it was suppose to be experiment 3 as I didn't expect 2 to work so I'd have a body going empty that could be filled with another soul but my notes were stolen and experiment 2 succeeded, although neither of them are awake yet, though they are alive. More repetitions of 2 need to be undertaken to improve mental strength and stability or more minds to spread the weight more evenly so 1 person doesn't take on the Slender Man, but that is for another time and another post.

But yes, the soul is a type of energy, as is love, my post on valentines day was suppose to be poignant about the power of love and such, as the Slender Man seems curious and confused about the thought of love  and sacrifice in this sense we are eldritch to him as he cannot comprehend true human affection and sacrifice, or maybe he has evolved since I last reviewed these notes but I think the possibility that it is an advantage still stands, as he knows taking our loved ones from us can hurt us more than anything he can do, but he doesn't get sacrifice. sacrifice. sacrifice. love. salvation?

Sorry phased out there in the interest of accuracy I'm not going to delete any 'mistakes' I make in my posts, as therefore I can monitor my stability mentally. And some of these 'forces','energies' transcend the barriers between universe as dimensional bleeding seems to be and important 'side effect' of the PRE's for us as we can unite if we truly live in different universes( this is pure postulation here I'm not inferring anything) , but it could.

Part of why I encourage universal 'love' for fellow autonomous creatures.
 Well lets see I covered dimensional bleeding, the ineffability of the human soul, love I say thats covered everything important thats happened in the blogosphere recently. I'll rest for now, I still need to catch up with what happened to Johnny. MaYbe He's dead?, Maybe not?, Or ProbaBly?, Or Shut YouR Face? As it would be unfortunate if he was to go missing after this sort of success, anyway I'm going to sneak a beer into the hospital incase Tom wakes up, and if he doesn't today just means more for me.

As always me beautiful darlings,
Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive
Manic Muse

TBP: Um, just read over making sure I covered alot of the stuff and yeah I thought that was weird too.

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