Wednesday, 15 February 2012

He lives!! Sort of

Well, I woke up last night to find out that I have been unconscious for like 4 days or 3, I can't remember my head hurts.
Well lets see what I missed, Morningstar mk-II is dead can't say I'm particularly sad over that but a death is a death may he finally chill the fuck out. Nathan tried and failed to save Ella, bad luck dude, and I missed valentines day ah I had a post prepared and everything.
# OW, my head really hurts, oh context yes context is good yes the experiment sorta worked, she's alive but her and Tom are still unconscious, so I can't gather any information from them just now. And I am currently in a hospital which I am abit anxious about, I may like my free health care but I don't like staying in hospitals longer than I have to their so clean yet rife with infection. Yh  WE were brought here by the doctor dude who was there for safety reasons I'm still surprised he was able to pass off what we were doing to the authorities as not a  rape, cause to be honest it did look like that.
Notebook pages are still missing, I can't prepare for experiment, meh, doesn't matter to me anyway.

I woke up at like midnight, and they kept me from posting for my own sake and I've been discharged as they have bigger things to worry about than a guy thats sorta been in a coma for 4 days. ahhhhh, my legs, ramblings and tangents they are awesome, I have to wait here for Tom and the girl to wake up I need information.

Okay, I should give you a proper run down of events, basically I have an ability that isn't exactly normal, I can stretch forth my consciousness and 'read', but really invade, other peoples minds. That's how me and Tom met I was kidnapped after making a spoon sort of levitate, Powers of the mind fool. Yh I was going to be sacrificed to the all powerful dickless wonder Slendy, but as you guessed I escaped, or did I O.o.

hehehh, sorry Mans is sorta drugged out, they gave me some pills for the pain in my arm, yay. Yes story facts, huhu, this means I went into her mind and found the last vestiges of 'her' those familiar with the presence of the TDF's mind it's very oppresive, it was complex many spells that resemble exorcisms, I likes that film it was funny ahhh, back to story time with Father Manny, yes me and Tom were using what we could to lift the 'passive' weight of Slendy for a while it was so much effort. but we succeeded, in the end.

Oh and her names Aoife I knew she was Irish, yep I'm alive, Tom and Aoife are sleeping and Johnny... oh shit...

Yeah  Stay SAfe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive
Manic muse
TBP: I love being in  a different Time zone to you I can put this Up and piss the rest of the day away.

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