Sunday, 5 February 2012


Pretty Girl, the nerve, I am a woman,
     Chauvinist pig, didn't even bother logging out of this thing, I'm here to tell you I have his notebook I'm neither good guy nor bad guy. This book wasn't even interesting apart from some soul transplant thing I'm gonna take that for my self, never know when stuff likes this can come in handy for blackmail, or 'other' situations, oh that little kid is finally gone, I think, it's why I was able to get in so easily and This muse guy always had it logged of with the kid here.
Your probably wondering who I am and what my intentions are well unlike this guy I'm not so loose lipped, all I'll tell you is that, that guy can't run for shit I had to carry him to his home (he really puts everything in his notebooks) and as I liked the look of him I made him breakfast, but he really is just a loon, so I would agree with this SS guy, besides he seems more fun.

later masterbaters
PG (I'll need to my own moniker soon)

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