Sunday, 26 February 2012


Can I go a day without posting on this blog and spamming the 5 people that follow me? Apparently not, Aoife woke up at 3:35 am GMT, needless to say I wasn't exactly enthusiastic to talk but I did and explained some things to her, after asking questions of course.
And as I am not in the best place to write up others stories I'm just going to let her write it herself, so over to Aoife the ex-numb,

Ummm, Hello, it's a bit strange I thought it was december, I thought I was in Ireland and I thought I got raped, my mind definitely feels that way.
Manic, weird name for a weird guy, asked to write what I remember lately, I remember something but I'm not sure if it's a dream or not, I remember screaming, blood, so much blood, I remember seeing beating hearts, I remember feeling nothing, nothing at all, it goes on like that for awhile. Then it comes, to I guess the present, the first thing I remember is feeling, the first feeling in awhile, a cool safe presence, it was different to the dark hateful one I guess I was hiding from. I started seeking the source of this presence, but it brought me close to the other presence, the bad one, the evil one, but I had to find it. It brought me to my senses I woke up, the first time in a long time, the first thing I noticed with my eyes were another pair, blue, clear, safe, strong, warm blue. Then I saw pain in them as he battled with the dark thing, he was with another guy saying strange things in a strange tongue, with the same look of concentration, and I started to feel the presence receding but the two men looked in pain, I tried to help them  but the presence  always pushed me back down when I rose up all I could do was watch and hang on to something, an anchor, so I held onto the safest thing I saw the eyes clear blue eyes, eyes that pierce the soul but warm, like they've seen a thousand sunsets and are sets to see thousands more.

Then I felt something in the dark mass change the two guys were probably too busy to notice but the fiend came up with a plan, it emitted this malevolent happiness, and it spoke to me, it hurt to listen but it made me, it said " heheh, go little pet have your 'freedom' I shall have you again soon enough and these man shall be mine as well, their wills will break, their hearts will cease and their souls shall be mine". And it left, the two men dropped and I fell unconscious, that leads us here to today, the mans, Manics eyes aren't the same though, they're sad, empty, this isn't the same man that save me I know it, what has he lost since that day to change him.

I'm tired I hav to sleep now, but what if the monster gets me, Ben, Ben?! Where are you, BEN?!?!!?

She's out again she'll be awake later don't worry

Manic Muse

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