Saturday, 18 February 2012

AH, relief

Tom's awake so he could keep an eye on Aoife whilst I went out, so for the first time in a week -ish I've had a shower I never felt so happy and relaxed, I was also able to get one of my notebooks, my temporary one is already filled up. Ah, there's the last one, why would it be opened on that page? was it the doctor? was he an oath breaker? nah, it must have just fallen open to that page, it's no use to them anyway they don't have the other information, and why would the plague doctor be interested in me, fears don't usually interfere with other fears 'prey'.

Anyway, Tom seems to have developed some form of narcolepsy, the doctors say it may be due to his coma, that his body isn't ready to be awake for long periods yet, hope he gets better soon I need him for experiments and such. Aoife is still asleep and shows no signs of getting better, maybe I need to delve into her mind and see where the remnant of her 'self' lurks and cox it out of its shell, then I can get a proper report from her, Tom doesn't have anything extra to add so I won't be adding his account to this.

Also some of you are aware that gargoyle with his new found freedom has decided to start do some experiments of his own, and we have agreed to collaborate with each other over some, after all I hate being caged in this bloody hospital I need to get out and make some mayhem. I will commence my version of Gargoyles first experiment soon, so keep an eye out.

To all those out there
Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive
Manic Muse

TBP: Look at us Michael getting back into research, the gargoyle doing experiments and me doing experiments, were like a little band of scientist doesn't it bring a tear to your eye, not really but it's a hopeful start.

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