Thursday, 2 February 2012

tsk, tsk, trust is so useless

Manny has taken in another stray,
   He knows how this is going to end this blog was always a bad Idea, we should have stayed our reclusive self, but no Manny had to get motivation. Bastard. Been reading to many books about villains turned heroes, where love lost can be regained.
Despite all his scientific terms and apparent grasp on reality, Manny lives not in the real world where he faces a being who can tear him out of existence, who can rip his soul from his body and not let go.
Manny has dark thoughts, he has thought things no sane man should think, he is as dark as the suit Slender Man wears, trust him he will fight his demons, but the truth will out. The beast sleeps for now, but the past is with the dogs and manny never likes letting sleeping dogs lie.
Ask him about Kat if you want to know more, if, atleast you'll see how he really is. no matter how much tape and glue you use to fix something broken it is still broken and may fall apart at any moment.

But hey why should you trust me I may be a proxy trying to turn you against a person who is legitimately trying to save everyone, save the world, but why would I admit it here. I am what Manny supresses thankfully his 'experiment' has allowed his mind to weaken enough for me to warn you, the devil you know is still a devil, and he will gut you if you get on his wrong side

Regards and Goodbyes, I won't be seen again, for a while atleast,

Kill those that threaten you, Kill those that lie about it, And let the chaos ensue, Manny may be an anarchist but he is a general pacifistic when he tries be human. I can't wait for this show to begin >:D

From your indifferent
Sane Soliloquy
Rmember question everyone and if you don't like the look of them. Kill them
I know this makes me sound crazy, doesn't make me not right

TBP: And his notebooks contain all his madness, aswell as his thoughts and theories, Maybe, Nathan, you don't want to find notebook #165, Yes it has something that may help you but Manny will read other parts of it and they won't help him.
SS signing of for MM

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  1. If you don't believe me look back to his first 'musing', look at how cold he is when someone dies, and now he acts all holier than thou with his disdain for death, he was always many things Manny but he was never a hypocrite.