Wednesday, 14 November 2012

He's gone

Really gone, I'm just getting to grips with it, he was always the consummate survivor, Kat still hasn't com e out of the room, she's been crying two days straight. The kid is just sat in Manic's old chair playing with some gear thing. But I guess I should back up a few days to let you know, after Manic came back with the kid Kat was actually really happy, and went all motherly, it's weird to see her like that when I've seen her in more.... murderous states.

They had one day together before shit started to fly, it was 2 in the morning when we heard the door burst open, we ran onto the landing, I saw Manic teleport downstairs. I ran down the stairs to see Manic fighting 10 proxies that had poured into the hall. I jumped over the banister onto one of the proxies and broke their neck. Manic and I fought them out the door, into the front garden. They were running, but Manic turned to me and forced me back inside, I heard the jeeps then. I think 30 of them had come I don't think we could have taken them even if we got Kat, and Grey to help. Because I saw as they lined up that the Slender Man was standing in front of them, something whistled past my ear, Manic had thrown something, it seemed to burn as it came closer to the Slender Man, it turned red, and turned to dust. Manic didn't respond to this, he just rushed me back inside with the others.

M: There are more of them on the way, there is no way we can beat them, get everyone together I will take us some place safe.
T: We are being chased by the Slender Man, no where is safe.
M: Trust me, trust me this one last time.

And I did he went out and started shouting at the Slender Man, I got Grey, Patrick, Aoife, and Kat all together in the front room and told them that Manic had a plan. When they asked me what it, was all I could reply with was ' Fucked if I know'. I heard more truck and a crack, next thing I know Manic has run in and making sure everyone is ready tells us to hold hands. He grabbed mine and Kat's, and I felt sick, it felt like I was being stretched. I didn't know where was up and down, I saw Manic next to me, it looked like he was struggling to keep consciousness, I don't think he's ever teleported this many people at once, he looked even in pain. Then I felt myself contract into my normal state, and felt cold ground on my face and found everyone similarly sprawled on the ground. Manic was up, but he was unsteady on his feet, Kat went to help him, but before she got to him he lurched forward and fell on the ground. I looked about for anything, and you can guess what I saw, Slendy himself standing in the middle of a load of trees, this is also when the mist came. Manic got up and stumbled abit, I think they were having a battle of minds.

M: This is it I guess.
T: Manic what are you doing?
M: Doing what is right.
K: What's the plan, because if you just go up to him he will just kill you, and that doesn't sound liek a very good plan.
P: *Piques up* That's the plan I think mum.
K: What, NO!
P: I thought you had a deal with Mr tick, he said you'd be safe.
M: Yes, but you two wouldn't, I would have to live the life I had been awarded as I watched you two suffer and probably die.
K: No Manic! You can stay, we can keep running, we can survive like we always do.
M: Survive, hmmm, I've always been a survivor haven't I. But look at Patrick, do you want him to grow up like we did, cause that is surviving, but it isn't living.
K: Manic, don't go. *She was crying now, clinging to Manic, he was still too weak to move*
M: I have to, I have to keep you safe, I have to keep everyone safe. Besides, do you really think I could live a 'normal life', I wasn't made to live like a normal person, I was made to be a weapon. I was influenced by Fears my entire life, I have been stalked to the edge of the universe and back. It was hell, but it's my hell, and it's the only way I know how to live.
K: No! NO! you are mine, I won't let them take you, I'd rather die than live without you.
M: Then who would look after Patrick, you can't do that to him.
K: * Kat clung harder to Manic, I could see in his eyes he was trying not to cry, but he hugged Kat and kissed her*
M: I love you, and I always will.
* He teleported out of her grip*

I took both me and Grey to hold her back.


* He turned back once, and it was the first and last time I've ever seen Manic cry, and waved goodbye*

Patrick started running when he was half way, I saw Manic crouch down and talk to him, I saw Manic chuckle and smile, as Patrick hands him something, Manic hugged him and Patrick waited, I was about to go and get him, despite KAt struggling, but Aoife put her hand on me, and stopped me, she walked up to him, and sat down next to him, Patrick just crawled up into a ball on her lap. Manic was getting closer to the Slender Man, and the fog was getting thicker it was hard enough making him out.

*She stopped making sense after that just screaming and sobbing, tried to claw at me and Grey, we still didn't let go*

I think Manic stopped for a little bit to think, because it seemed to take him ages to cross the last few meters between him and Slendy. When he did..... well the fog finally grew thick enough to obscure our vision, but we heard a bone chilling scream, it actually has kept me awake for most of the nights. The fog thinned abit and they were both gone, Kat was still screaming and sobbing, she still hasn't stopped but she has calmed abit. I think I'm starting to crack a little bit, I thought I heard Manic last night in Kat's room, but I put it down to the stress.

But I guess this is his end, he wanted us to be free, but I don't see how we can when he's been a part of our life so long. I've stated to tear up, I better finish this quick, before I change my mind again.

Manic. Rest in Peace, we loved you, and trusted you, until the end, and beyond.

To you the few who followed him,

Stay Safe Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

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  1. Farewell, Manic. You were a true warrior and friend until the end. Rest in Peace.