Saturday, 3 November 2012

Visit from a Blind Man

I was writing in another journal, the compulsion seems to have returned along with the ticking, it seems that I am verging on insanity. But that is another problem for another time, but this is when the Blind Man appeared and I felt the change in pressure, I don't think he was happy.

BM: Where are they?
M: Who?
*I didn't get up or stop writing*
BM: I think you know.
M: So he made the right choice did he?
BM: Deisis is dead, to me that is not the right choice. So Where are they?
M: Oh, I don't know, why would I?
BM: You offered them aid around the time the choice was made, so here is a viable place.
M: Perhaps I didn't make it clear WHY, would I, the amount I've done to annoy the fears, why would I keep fugitives, risk the safety of my friends.
BM: But you are the only other individual in the world that have the Sub-Mixtures, you would be who they came to.
M: Really, you think they'd come to me the day after they made the choice, think they come to an obvious ally, when you would be searching for them. Be assured, I will tell you if they come to me, is that good enough.
BM: I find it hard to believe you would turn in those two, because they made the 'right' choice, you won't help me I don't think.
M: Well, I think you may be right, I wouldn't turn them in, I won't turn them if they do come. And I will defend those type of people to the death if needs be, because it Would be the right thing to do.
BM: And how would you defend against me, a fear.
M: Like you said I have the Sub-Mixtures, maybe you can get the fascist of a grandson you have can kill me for you, the Sub-Mixtures wouldn't have an effect on his knights. But he's a fear, I may not hold back for him if he comes.
BM: Muse, Your insolence has been enough of a problem for the Fears! You will listen to me, if I find you harboring these traitors, I will show you no mercy on you, I don't care if it causes some Paradox, I will go back and kill you before the loop is required.
M: Well, if you are quite done I have other things to do today.
BM: I'll be watching you.

* I looked up smiled and Waved, then he left*

I went back to the block of wood, to ask it some stuff,

Stay Sharp, Stay Ssafe and Stay Alive

-Manic Muse

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