Monday, 5 November 2012

Back to business

Developing stock pile of Sub Mixtures in case I'm forced to run away from the house, it wasn't suppose to be this way, it wasn't suppose to fall apart to fall apart, this wasn't the Plan, Kat, Tom, Aoife, Patrick, Grey were suppose to be safe, not be under threat from a fear. I paid my dues, to the Slender Man, yet he only stays away due to my possession of these Sub- Mixtures, otherwise I wouldn't be typing now. The making of more of the Sub Mixtures seems to stop the ticking, I work in silence, I have removed every clock I could find in my house, I wouldn't know what time it was if it weren't for the computer.

I feel my sanity slipping, as surely as before, I seek silence isolation, work, only way to stop the ticking, only Eoin, the ticker dares come near me in this state, I've also changed the password, it will only be me posting from now on, I don't want them to know I don't want them to get involved. I'm getting close I think, only a week more then Mr Tick will help me. I asked to help Eoin on one of his dead face missions, he seemed excited about this.

The guy was a Slacker, I don't know 25 ish, I didn't have a file on him as I usually do when hunting someone, Eoin didn't know, he just knew his time was up and the Clock deemed it necessary to bring him. He took out a small pocket watch, I saw the fear symbol for Dead under the hands, the hand twitched feebly like a clock hand stuck on something.

E: I can't do anything, Jenny usually handled them, You just have to bring this one to the Clock tower for Mr Tick, he has a plan for him.
M: I can't, I said I wouldn't kill innocents anymore, unless it was me or them, and they wouldn't give up if I was still breathing.
E: I see.

Eoin proceeded to walk to the place the man was sitting, and tug his jacket asking if he saw his daddy, the Slacker gave a half caring response of, No. Eoin came back and said nothing just waited 2 minutes later he looked at his watch and put it to his ear, then started scratching his ear it's like he was trying to dig something out his head. Then I realised that he was hearing the ticking. He started fidgeting like he was in great discomfort. He saw me looking at him, and got angry, and went for me, I blocked his jab with my left arm, forcing it down and to the side whilst following with a right hook. He went down but got up quickly.

E: HE's not going to stop, but the noise will if you take him to the Clocktower, then he won't try and kill you, so you won't have to kill him.

So I did, We were standing out side the tower seconds later, the man stopped as soon as his feet touched the ground, and he looked up, I followed his gaze, realising I hadn't seen the sky from inside the tower. There was a massive Clock in the Sky in place of a moon or a sun.

TM: Well done Eoin, you did well, even without your Tocker, you may go now.
M: Wait! What are you going to do to him?
TM: I'm a fear what you think I'll do?
M: But what?
TM: You see that ocean there, in it's vastness there are island dotted into infinity, as time is infinite, even without, your matter. On them stand some of my Victims*Checks his pocket watch, and gives an imitation of a frown* they are stranded there unable to even drink they Go mad usually.
M: Why?
TM: Because of their desperation  they will try to swim, but as soon as the time touches them, the memories of misery and regret flood, their mind , so the usually just try to run back to the dry land, they try again and again. They will do it so often that the time will have drained out of them, either the time around them will rise enough that there is no dry land left, so they constantly feel the memories. They go Mad, and see the only release is to wade deeper, or accept me, most choose to wade until they sink beneath the surface, usually their mind breaks before this, but the time they forfeited had been extracted from them. So they just sink. This is what will happen to him.
*He looks at his pocket watch again*
M: What's in the pocket watch?
TM: Oh an anomaly, something I'm trying to rectify.
M: Who's is it?
TM: Good question, insightful question. It's yours, do you want to see?
M: Wouldn't that be unwise me knowing how long I have left?
TM: Maybe, but sometimes the best torture is watching those who try and avoid their fate, yet cause it themselves, and the torture, of their minds as they know their end. Here look.

I look at the watch it has a massive crack down the center of the face, an the hands had stopped moving shortly before Dead.

M: SO it's broken?Why haven't you fixed it.
TM: Urg, I thought you would have understood, these watches do not break, they handle Time, you have just Broken yours by the flagrant uncaring you show to it. I am waiting for that hand to reach it's destination, so I can take you. As Muse, no Man lives forever.

I left then, followed shortly by Eoin, I still hear the scream of the Man, as I left. I still hear them now, entangled with the ticking, like some one is being grinded by a pair of slow moving gears.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive.

-Manic Muse

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