Friday, 9 November 2012

It's done

It's fucking done, I fucking did it, no more ticking no more running, just peace, be it death or life outside this, but then that is the future. I did what I had to do, I have my Son back, I killed myself. I guess this is the informing post before I go to sleep before the final task needs to be done.

So the Ticking man came to me after my post and told me I was ready, he gave me a limited scope of ability, I could only access parts of my own life and two beyond it, he said it was necessary, otherwise he said I'd fuck up my timeline up even more. He allowed me to take Eoin to keep continuity and to make sure I don't do stuff I shouldn't.

So I went back to before I was alive to put a perception filter round the lake so only people from my family could see it. These actions ensured a legend back in my home of Noname, no children were actually harmed, it was just a  story I planted in the heads of a couple of the adults of the time.

Then it came to my torture, and you can read about that yourself, then it came to kidnapping Kat, there were no other fears there, I just affected our perception, I was knife to Kat but had to make her forget. When I had her, she was happy she knew why I had to do it, she had accepted it but I had to wipe her memory, otherwise this would all be broken again.

After Kat went back to past me me and Eoin had a talk, he asked me why I was so sad, I replied, because I'm going to die soon. 'But Mr Tick said he would let you free if you did this', 'He did, but he's a fear he has a plan, and he wants me dead, and I'm not going to stop him' I said.

M: Don't you ever wonder how you came to be a ticker Eoin, whatever happened to your parents?
E: Why would I they left me, Jenny has looked after me like a mum all my life, and Mr Tick says my Dad was a terrible man, caused alot of trouble for him. Besides for the past few months I've had you as a dad Manic, that's good enough for me, it doesn't matter who made me, only who raised me.
M: But maybe they are good people, maybe you could escape from this life, of death and misery.
E: And do what?
M: Your so young, you can still change, you can live independent of all this, this is just all I know that is why I can't change, you have a chance to be better, and I won't allow you to be forced into this life if I could help it.
E: And why should I, you lived like this since you were my age?
M: Do I look happy with my life, like this is what I wanted?
E: You have a family, you built one.
M: And I'll have to leave them very soon, and that kills me inside, but it's what I have to do for their good, do you want to know what my real name is, I bet you can't guess.
E: James, Paul, Michael, Eaimon, Cathal.
M: No,no,no,no, and N.
E: Lucy.
M: Little shit, * I chuckle* My Name is Eoin, and Fears don't do anything without reason, even in my tired state I can see the connection, he's been taunting me for months and I didn't even notice.
E: What, what is it?
M: Your name isn't Eoin, you weren't abandoned you were stolen from you parent's by your father, you were given to the ticking man for safe keeping, so I could fix the time line. You are Patrick,  I am your father, Kat is your Mother, and you will have to kill me when this is done, because I have no affetct on my own time line anymore, my clock will tick to it's end and he will make you do it.
P: No you're lying, I have no parents they left me, I am Eoin, a child of Mr Tick, he raised me, so did Jenny, No it can't.
M: How else do you think you have such a natural affinity for mechanical things, you can see how the universe and things fit together, me and my brother have mental abilities, this was probably brought on by the excessive exposure to the fears, and you have had it too, and have the same blood in your veins. And I'd be damn if you don't look like a young me. Think back to when you were really young, I looked in your mind pulled up an old memory. He gave you to Jenny and called you the mini Manic,  and to make sure you were ready to kill me.
P: No! No, You're lying, You're lying, You're a Filthy rotten Liar! You kidnapped your son only a few months ago.
M: You were raised by a fear of time I think he could manipulate it so you would grow up in time to kill me. Why would I lie, what do I have to gain.
P: I don't know, you don't want me to kill you, you want me to leave the only family I've known, you wnat me to wither and die like you, get old, get weak. I'm not your Son.
M: Really, when me and Sirus were younger we tried using our abilities on each other, when we were young we couldn't fend of each other, when we got older we could stop each other, so inherently our abilities couldn't hurt the other. Try to use your on me, try and imagine my part s and deconstruct me.
P: NO, I don't want to kill you.
M: Dont' worry you won't, because you can't.
* Concentration came on his face, he tried and tried but he saw his failure every time.*
P: Dad?
M: Yes?
P: Can I see mum?

I won't tell him I'll die in about a week time, it won't help him, this is one secret between me and you blogo sphere. I will leave a contingency for when I am gone, the others will tell you, things will be set in order, I can die in peace.

Stay Sharp, Stay Safe, And Stay Alive.

My Friends, I thank you for everything, all those come and gone, and still here, thank you.

-Manic Muse

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