Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween Experiment

Sorry I didn't tell you about this before hand but it slipped my mind in the last post for obvious reasons, but not even a ticking in my head can stop me experimenting on such a great night of perception.

Subject: PREs, anything that involves perception.

Reason: Due to influence Halloween has become a point of exaggerated terror and horror, when every dresses up and for that night, monsters could be real. This has been true for millenia, it has been a point where they believe the veil that separates life and death is thinnest, and hence anything that dwells there all demons have more sway.

Experiment: To see if perception on that night was heightened, and if Fear activity is also increased.

Experiment (findings):

I went out to check how people reacted, there were children and teenagers out respectively collecting sweets and drinking. I initially dressed as Slendy to see if the results varied from the one I did earlier in this blog. People actually noticed me and children ran from me, teenagers tried to joke with me, but also shat themselves when I teleported away from them and appeared right behind them. I also saw the actual Slendy, he seemed pissed when he noticed me. But I saw him alot that night stalking certain groups, I just waved whenever he saw me, I pissed him off, he did seem to be on the verge of attacking me, but seemed to relax like he knew something I didn't, made me uneasy.

I also saw Archy in his gas mask, working his way through crowds, and the plague doc with his cane tapping away, Wooden girl among a group of guys, doing probably what she does best. I even saw the Rake dragging off a guy he had killed.

I'm pretty sure I saw Mr Tick just sitting on top of a wall, taunting me with his watch and his ticking, looked like he was frowning at me.

Conclusion: This time does increase the number of Fear incidents, Therefore, you shouldn't go out during Halloween if you value your pulse.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive

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