Tuesday, 30 October 2012

It just keeps going.

Since my post from yesterday I have had this ticking in my head like the Conductor is right behind me, with all his clockwork innards going away. Kat's noticed that when i'm forced to sit still for a while I start fidgeting, and can't relax, it's at these moments the ticking's loudest, I have to move, have to move from the noise, it's the only time it stops. The ticker followed me home from the Clock tower, he's just sat in the corner playing with gears and cogs, he disappears for a few minutes when he runs out, but he always comes back. I also realised I didn't give a decent enough description of the ticking man, wasn't really the pressing thought I had at that time, so here are the basic details;

He has a jacket that changes colour, it went through loads when I saw him, but it settled mainly on half black half white. I guess that is to symbolise the night and day, why else would it be half and half. On this jacket there are many cogs and gears all interlinked to form a pattern I couldn't quite discern, because I think that was shifting aswell. His eyes look normal until you look closely, where you see the cogs in his pupils moving, I believe part of his inner physiology is comprised of clockwork, but he does definatly have not clockwork parts, as his movements did not appear to be jerky and automatic. His shows are hard to place, they look like the leather shoes you'd expect to see people in old london would wear, soft leather that had strings for laces, not completely out of place anywhere. His trousers also followed the same pattern as his jacket, with only his tie remaining a constant shade of red. His hat appeared to have goggles on them, possibly to aid his or increase the dread his victims feel. last part is his hat, again it's red like a bloody sunrise on which his goggles are bound. Over all he seems very unsettling, despite the fact he has a flambouant air for a fear, but he still maintains the malevolence that you usually associate one with.

This is all the information I can gather, the scientist in me, still want to document, but the ticking is getting louder, must talk to the ticker, must find out what it is.

Why doesn't he talk he just winds up the little golden apparatus he made me once and let it play, the ticking stopped, I listened to the music and I wasn't angry anymore. This is when he said;

?: Hello Manic sorry, Mr Tick doesn't play well with others, people who encounter him always here the ticking, it's how he gets them. Some are driven so mad they kill themselves to stop the ticking, some just run until their heart gives out. Some seek out Mr tick, and become tickers like me, or tockers like Jenny was.
M: Jenny was your tocker was she?
*HE nods*
M: What's your name?
?: Mr Tick says my name is Eoin, but I don't remember my parents, I remember waking up here knowing how to do all these things, and Mr Tick gave me to Jenny, she treated me nice, like imagine a mum does, but she died because one of the dead faces went insane and killed her. That's when he moved me to watch you, you were suppose to be a new target.
M: What's a dead face?
E: Someone Mr Tick, has told us to kill, Someone who's time has run out.
M: Was I dead face?
E: Yes. But Mr Tick, said to leave you alone, that there were other plans for you, so I did.
M: What are the clocks and watches in the tower for Eoin?
E: They are the time wasters, with Mr Tick, if you do nothing and don't seize an opportunity you forfeit another moment because of the waste, which ends up at the clock tower.

*The music stopped playing and the ticking came again, Eoin waved at me goodbye and went back to playing with his gears and cogs*

Damn ticking, always going on in my head, my head, my sanctuary since Sane died.

Must work, must do something, not nothing, can't sleep, or the Ticking will get me.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse , tick,tick,tick, tick

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