Monday, 22 October 2012

Manic's back?

Well I think he is.

He seems to be different, the doctor seems to have taken something out of him, put something inside him, it's changed him. He is so... less? Just sits in his chair and stares over his fingers at the wall, doesn't even look at me anymore, just stares through me, like there is something beyond, like there is something there only he can see. I tried getting him to answer me, Tom, Aoife, even told him that Grey was dead he just stares.

But we will get to that eventually, but I'll tell you the little that led to this; Manic appeared out of the toilet yesterday as if nothing had actually happened , just bumped into me, and looked confuse, he said one thing I don't know what it means he just said it. "Death is how it ends, how we win, by the end of us. But there's a chance that something is different I know it. or at least I did" he didn't look at me when he said this, more like he was talking to himself. He is just weird, I mean weirder than usual, it's like he's forgotten about Patrick, I can accept it he has just spent three days in the Doctors area, he was always the Fear he was weary of the most, I can't imagine how it was for him. But he needs to sharpen up, he promised to me he would save Patrick, and  I would have thought that takes priority, especially as it's me. Though it seems Grey and his new fascination with the wall takes precedent, I have just about had enough with Manic, if he won't do what he promised he will I'll do it myself, he better not think I'd not give him up for Patrick, he's the only one I would.

Yeah that's about it bye

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