Tuesday, 2 October 2012

They're still out

The doctors say that they should make a full recovery, but they think Manic may have some problems because of the head trauma, and Tom may have some mental problems when he wakes up and realises his leg is missing. I fell asleep and dreamed of the event I woke up and saw that the doctors were restraining me, they said I had been screaming and thrashing, so they were going to restrain me and do a few tests, but they've just attributed it to post traumatic stress, they said that I may want to keep a more regular sleep pattern as I hadn't slept since the night before the event. I went to Grey's room to check on him, as a ending to see if he died due to what Manic gave him. I went into the room he was suppose to be in but no one was there, I asked the nurse who was in the room, she said with a grave face that he had gone on, so I guess that's the end of that story.

Wait ... Manic just woke up... he's motioning at the computer and pulling me away.

My head really hurts I feel like I've been hit by big elephants, but I guess I am alive it's alright, I read above GRey dead I feel bad I couldn't save him. I don't feel safe here, I just have a feeling, I'll leave Aoife to finish off, Mother of Lydon my head.

Well K, they're not all still out, but Kat and Tom still are, I just thought I'd write this to keep you all informed, though I don't see why this small crew would even care.


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