Sunday, 7 October 2012

*Cough Cough*

Ow, everything hurts, Grey jumping up and down on me rightly fucked me up, doctors say I have a broken clavical, or lay man terms collar bone, so I'm typing this one handed as if I move my other arm well I just descend into agony.

But... that isn't important right now, I woke up rough 2 or 3 days ago and from reading the blog just now it would have been straight after Aoife.... went. She's still alive but the 'doctors' say she is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, but I think we can all doubt that. I went sneaking about after they confirmed I was 'fit', and came upon a pair of them talking.

D1: How are the patients?
D2: Well the girl that came in is currently under the influence of TX7, so aslong as we maintain a reasonable dose we should be fine.
D1: The Muse?
D2: He succumbed to the effects of the solution easily and is showing all the outward signs of PVS.
D1: Good, what are we doing about the other girl and boy?
D2: I believe the girl will have to be sedated I doubt she'd be suitable for our procedure, she has too close of a emotional connection with the target to make it viable.
D1: So we are assuming the boy is the candidate we will use?
D2: Almost certainly, he has reason to distrust and hate the target, this means we can mold him if needs be to our purpose.
D1: Then we'll proceed to phase two, go check the girl maybe we can plant a seed before we sedate her as a backup, but if not sedate her, now.
D2: As you wish.

I played along with their game, but if they are following this they will know and my time left awake is short.

It's  up to Tom now, I hope he can do it.

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