Friday, 12 October 2012

To kill a Muse

It would be so simple on simple act, and he'd be gone, He wouldn't be able to hurt us anymore. I would be safe, Aoife would be safe again, since he came back he has caused nothing but trouble since. Would it even be murder? He isn't even awake, they say he is technically brain dead and they offered me the option of turning off the life support, would I even need to have them present, I would need to make sure he was dead if the machines were on then I couldn't smother him, and a knife to the heart or throat would be too conspicuous, if I turn off the machines he should die, then I could make sure with his pillow then, finally I would be free, alive, ME.

I'll do it tomorrow, he can die then, I'll sleep on it if I still think it's a good idea then I'll do it, I can't have Aoife in danger I just can't and with him alive that will never be possible.

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