Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Ow, Am I the only one awake?

I woke up and found Kat, Aoife and Manic out or, for lack of a better word, insane, too bad Manic isn't awake I was hoping he could fix my leg but the doctors say it was too late to try and reattach the leg, especially given the state it was found,so I am now disabled. Why is it that whenever I try to help Manic I come off the worse, this is the worst, I've lost a fucking appendage, I have suffered so much for Manic, I may leave before he wakes up, but I have to wake for Aoife I can't leave her with Manic, he can't help her anymore. She's better than when he first fixed her, but he will just ruin that I can't allow him to do that to her.

I have a councilor from the hospital, probably over my leg for them to make sure I don't suffer from the thing Aoife has, and won't recede into myself. He tries to make me see that it isn't anyone's fault, but I know, I know that it was Grey who tore my leg off, it was Grey who battered Kat, it was Grey who made Aoife lose it. And.... it was Manic that brought him into the house, it was Manic who didn't kill him when he said he would, it was Manic who didn't cure the bastard before hand.

I guess Manic did after all though, I can't find Grey anywhere in the hospital, and none of the staff knew about him, Manic did something right for once. I looked through this blog to check if the others had woken up, or if Aoife posted before she went. But I just saw Manic's post before the event.

I am tired of writing now, all the talking and pain killers has meant that I don't stay awakefor long, but the same thought goes through my head, Manic's fault, Manic's fault, Manic's fault, Manic's fault, Manic's fault, Manic's fault, Manic's......

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