Monday, 1 October 2012

After report

He...Hey, this is Aoife, because, well I'm the only one awake, the only one completely safe, not in some form of critical condition. Kat, she has sever blood loss, internal as well, and a lot of broken bones, Manic, he's got so many cuts and bruises, he doesn't have internal bleeding but the doctors believe he has some for of head injury. Tom..... Oh god Tom, he lost his leg has had his gut torn open, he is hooked up to more machines than I've ever seen attached to one person. Grey well..... we'll get to that.

I'll tell you what happened and why I'm in a state to write this, we transferred Grey to a cage Tom made shortly after Manic posted, at 10 O'clock Grey turned and we watched as he writhed and contorted into the shape of a large wolf not as large as the one Manic saw but still large enough for us to be wary, Manic deemed the mixture ready for use about 11 O'clock. At 11:30 we applied it, at 11:45 Grey broke free from the cage, I'm not even sure how it happened, one moment he was in the cage the next he wasn't and the door was off it's hinges, Manic, Kat and Tom all took up positions like they were ready to fight, Grey's muscles twitched and he bound towards Tom, I still see the look on his face as the wolf went for his throat, then Manic tackled the wolf in mid air and started to wrestle it, the wolf slashing at him with it's claws and biting with it's teeth, Kat went to his aid taking out a knife I recognised slightly, she placed it between the wolfs shoulder blades, and it reared up with a howl, almost standing up. Manic kicked it in the chest so it fell on it's back, forcing the knife in deeper, he grabbed a large thick belt that was lying about the place, and forced the beast head down to its chest whilst also using his knees to pin the legs up to the same area. He somehow got the belt wrapped around the legs, back and snout, so it couldn't move about with it's front end, he leapt up and the wolf tried to worm out of the binding, Manic grabbed another belt and wound it around the same area. He got Kat and Tom to help him lift up the wolf and move it to the cave and close it again but I heard a muffled crack as the leather straps broke and I heard Kat scream as she hit the wall and the wolf landed on top of her she screamed as I saw the claws come out, the wolf didn't seem to want to use them since it just kept jumping up and down on her until she ended up just crying, just crying, My, she was begging for help, I couldn't.... I can't.....

Sorry, I... I just came back the memories came back, the doctors say it's shock, I just think I'm actually just too weak to do anything, I saw Tom and Manic hurriedly talking about something, Tom looked grim and then violently nodding, Manic looked at me and mouthed 'good luck, I'm sorry'. Tom attacked the Wolf but the wolf was ready this time and whilst it moved a foot it was on Tom and left Kat unconscious, I thought she was dead I saw her eyes shut and blood coming out the corner of her mouth. Tom shouted to me, "Run, Hide. The cage, hide in the cage in case we fail". I went to the cage and bolted the door but not locking it, the wolf shouldn't be able to use the bolt, I saw Tom as he was battered by the wolf, I saw as his leg was bitten and torn off he was jumped on clawed I thought he was going to die, he still might, the wolf appeared to get bored with Tom and looked like it was about to bite out his throat. Manic bound down the stairs, and rugby tackled the wolf off of Tom, I was so happy, Manic stuck another syringe in the wolf and it seemed to gasp, and twitched again like it was convulsing, Manic got up and stumbled over to the cage, but when he put his hand on the bolt the wolf seemed to get up , and was trembling alot but seemed intent on killing Manic. He used the knife I saw Kat holding, and wedged it so I couldn't open it.

I tried to open the bolt, tried to take out the knife but I just saw Manic wrestle the Wolf as it tried to throw off Manic, until it got to the stairs and I saw Manic hit his head on the bottom step, hence the head injury, I saw his grip slip and the wolf stand up, again I thought he was dea....d. The wolf ambled over to me in the cage and I thought it was going to tear open the door, but as it raised it's claw, it slumped to the ground, and let out a breath. I didn't get out of the cage until 3 in the morning, where I guess the door had been put on badly I found them and called the Ambulance, and told them it was an emergency, I still haven't seen grey he could be dead for all I care. My god, these lot look terrible, I really hope they don't die, please don't Die Tom.


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