Friday, 5 October 2012

Really? I'm not awake yet

This must mean Grey killed me, or injured me so badly that I'm unconscious so unable to heal myself, or worse still a fear has me, but then they wouldn't want me unconscious they would want to gloat because they got one over on me.

But in case of the event it is a fear I will post here some of the theoretical weapons against some of the fears, the main one I assume would do it is the Plague Doctor, if it is Slendy then I have shown some of my experiments against him so hopefully you would be able to use them.

Plague doctor: PRE 12, Main weapon being disease but seems to posses the powers other fears do, such as super natural strength and speed. Now as I once pointed out one of my theories was to use a pair of marigolds and bleach. H2O2, hydrogen Peroxide, most commonly known as bleach, as you are aware the simplest peroxide, and a strong oxidiser, meaning it affects the cell membrane of cells inherently killing the cell, it can even cause internal bleeding in Humans when a large enough quantity is inhaled.

Also considering the medieval appearance would suggest you could wear a gas mask to 'clean' the air and mask horrible odours. Again perception, thought I'd forgotten about that didn't you, such as fire it kills most pathogenic bacteria and viruses, denaturing and killing them. So molotovs and  gas masks should defeat it and a pair of rubber gloves, now won't that look dystopian. :), his cane is also an integral part of his appearance, so maybe if you part him from that you could impede him in someway.

Dying Man: PRE 15,  Infects individual who kills a host body, method of which is unknown, it is also unusual amoungst his siblings, as he doesn't have supreme strength, his form of contagion and and killing is to posses the body of another and slowly causing the body to decay, and when it attacks if you kill the body he is inhabiting, then you become a version of the dying man, and continuing the infection.

However this fragmented nature of himself causes him to be weak so perhaps merely wearing a bio hazard suit, or if you're budget doesn't allow that a gas mask a wet suit and rubber gloves. Fire and extreme temperatures should increase the rate of decomposition, and increasing the amount of oxygen in the air, inadvertently this may cause an explosion, so this is inadvisable.

Wooden Girl: PRE 05, a wooden fear, sometimes said to be quite a beautiful girl inside a wooden shell, this is still important, since again fire could be another weapon against a fear, maybe a pair of scissors or a saw could be used but you would have to get close to use these two, so these are inadvisable as the probability of you becoming one of her, ummmmm, concubines is high.

Maybe logic is the best weapon here, most marionettes usually have masters pulling their strings, so insinuating that she is merely a toy for some greater beings bidding may incite a reaction you could manipulate, perhaps even insinuating that the higher being is Archy or the Blind Man. She would do the puppet thing where they maintain they are a to paraphrase 'a real boy', this will cause her to foget to try to bind you, even come close enough for you to strike against the wooden nympho.

Grand Father: PRE 04, this is more for the sake of covering all bases, he could try and maintain me for 'my own good', but you could possibly try to break any of his appendages, his old age coupled with perception should prove a form of weapon, but he's clever, he's a very clever fear, probably the most.

But I doubt he'd maintain me against my will.

Archangel: PRE 03, He is a weird one, he chooses to mess with the great game just for fun, and he has two juxtaposing names, his main name is the Archangel, but he also is called Azreal, a demon, so perception induced by religious icons or demonic rituals would induce no effect upon him.

But if he has got me he would probably manipulate me to mess with the great game, and if he doesn't, well...........let me die, there's no use trying to risk your life trying to save me from him.

These are the few fears I believe who would keep me against my will, either for my own (seeming) safety, or try to kill me, I believe Slendy would be too wary, and if one of these fears are already monitoring me then I believe I should be safe from him.

However you may be wondering why I'm telling you this, well isn't it obvious, Find me, fight the fear, the notes should help, and wake me the fuck up I need to keep fighting.

For all of you, try to avoid what I do,

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive

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  1. Right-o, then. I'll leave the information posting to you, after you're awake.

    Also, I apologize if you get woken up abruptly and have to fight alongside me, it's just that I'm used to having a partner to fight with, and Abel isn't gonna leave his room anytime soon.