Wednesday, 3 October 2012

WAIT! Manic's not responding

Manic seems to have fallen back under but his eyes are still open, and he blinks, but apart from that he seems to be brain dead. The doctors say it's a type of persistent vegetative state, and may be a reaction to the blow on the head, so his moment of apparent lucidity was a one off, the thing is they say Kat is healing fine, but she still looks as terrible as when she came in, she still looks like she's at death's door not on the road to recovery. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, after all this time Manic's paranoia must have rubbed off on me, but he was never paranoid without good cause. I mean he didn't trust that Paul's guys friend/brother Ryan (Yeah that's right I've been reading, what else is there to do in this dire place), he helped him realise the reality of his family, Manic was wary of his brother because he knew what he was capable of. So maybe I'm not being paranoid, maybe my gut is just trying to tell me something, I'm just going to check something.

Just checked in the morgue area for Grey, they didn't even have any bodies and I went to speak to the people at reception and asked about the man in Grey's room they said the room had been empty for a week, weirdly. Curious firstly Grey disappears without a trace, and Manic has regressed in to a potato, Kat still hasn't got any color back, and Tom, well, Tom looks closer to death than ever, yet they still say that they should be getting better. I think we have a mystery on our hands gang, I'll go this way and you lot go that way. God, I must be tired I'm quoting a cartoon jock, Slender Man take me now, KIDDING! kidding, I have too much to live for, I'm too young, I must say this coffee that the doctors are giving me is really something I must find out what brand they buy, hmmm, my head feels fuzzy.

This doctor man is very helpful, but he's quite tall and he's dress really funny, sorry Mr Doctor man, I have to go find clues, to my mystery machine, I want a sandwich, a big one, with blackjack and hookers, and... and , and more blackjack. Ooppsy Oh no someone spilt red paint, thats' not nice, Oh I got loads of it on my dress, MY DOctor MAn someone Spilt Red paint someone should clean it up. No I don't need a coat Mr Doctor Man I'm not cold

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