Monday, 29 October 2012

Tick,tock,Tick, tock, Tick.....

Failed, I failed again, I had that feeling of Deja vu I get when someones coming to tell me I fucked something up again. I wasn't disappointed, I turned around to find myself face to face with someone, or something, because like with many of these things it looked and talked human, but something was off. When ever he stood still or was sitting there was always motion in him. He was tapping his finger against his leg in a pattern:

?: How many times will you destroy a time line before you get the idea that it's not a good idea to do what you're doing, and to think it would go unnoticed by everyone.
M: Have the Fears themselves given up on berating me, am I just being given one umbrella from a proxy now?
?: Proxy? No I am not a proxy, I am a fear, even though I don't flaunt my existence and stomp like my family .M: A fear? Of what?
?: Well I guess divulging the information to you is not too much to ask, especially since I'm surprised you got this far. I have had a few names from the people I chase, I've been called, the Clockwork man, the Conductor, the everlasting beat, or I assume will be your favorite, the Ticking Man. I Muse, am the fear of having wasted time, especially the past. And you've pissed away time.
M: Hmmm, well, I'm surprised I don't know about you how do I know you're a fear or just some guy that's trying to use me?
TM: Well if I wasn't a fear could I do this?
M: Do what?

* He gestured to my window, I saw a bird hung in the air mid flap*
M: Well, that's abit conclusive, anymore proof.
TM: *Exasperated came towards me, a growing tick came with him* Well, take a look here.

* He had little clockwork gears in his eyes, and I heard the ticking coming from inside him*
M: So I'm guessing you came to kill for fucking with your timelines to much?
TM: Yes I thought you would assume that, but I'd think that'd upset one of my tickers very much, you have met him and he grew quite fond of you. But just killing you won't fix any of the timelines, and neither will let you live, but leaving you alive may keep this one going for as long as it should. Since you can try and stop any approaching war. And hopefully you'll listen to me, my brothers have already had enough of you and want me to sort it out.
M: But what should I do, I always fuck them up, what do I do?
TM: I know what you should do, but you have to make the choices, but I have to send you back at some point, you facilitate yourself to this point, so I will do it when I deem you ready.
M: What if I need to contact you?
TM: I can show you my domain, but I don't want you dropping in all the time, you humans are incredibly needy creatures.
*He took a few cogs from the lapel of his jacket and orientated them in some way, he left them and they turned in the air, a gap opened like a second hand moving round a clock face, so a circle leading in was left in the air*
TM: Here is my domain, whatever you do I ask you not to touch the liquid that surrounds the tower.

* I saw a tower filled with clocks, covered in fear letters, I guess it was the clock of peoples lives because I almost knocked one on the ground and he flipped, almost threw me out the window. I also saw Mini noname, playing with something, but where I expected to see no face I saw, a beaming child handing out a small object to me. It was a scale model of Slendy doing an irish jig then falling over, and picking himself up again.*

M: I guess that's the person that helped me.
TM: Yes that's one of my tickers, they track people whom they believe to have regret in their past, and if they think they have wasted time. His complementary tocker was killed a few months ago, so I let him sit here and play.
M: What are tockers?
TM: They are my proxies who actually do the killing, for every tick there's a tock. Tockers either bring them to me or kill them, trackers usual don't need to.
Here we are at the top, what do you see?
M: I don't know a big ocean of nothing.
TM: It's a river of time, those are memories and time wasted, people waste time everyday, it all ends up here.

But now you know as much as you need to know, so I will ask you to leave and with a check of his watch pushed me back into my room, on to my bed.

What the Fuck Just Happened?


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