Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hehehe, they're gone now.

I got the oathbreakers, all of them.
Even with my one leg they all went down, one right after I typed up; it was the counselor, sitting all smug like he had done a good job, so naive. It vanished soon after the syringe went in his throat, along with the copious  amount of air, they really guard the dangerous implements from those they are trying to turn into murderers. But I guess it's over now, they almost did to me what they did Manic, but I stayed by his bed with a scalpel looking like the maniac I was suppose to portray, it was the doctor that tucked me in that fell next. He handled me like a glass figurine, like I would crack at the slightest disturbance, too bad they missed the crack they had prised open themselves. He's probably still in the cupboard with that stephascope lodged down his wind pipe, I listened as he choked and tried to pull it out and his heart pounded like a trapped birds bounding off the sides of a glass box, stupid like it's owner.

Two doctors left, the top two, the lead oath breakers of this thing. They died last I wheeled my way along the night corridors the sound of my wheels rasping against the plastic floor, the click as the clocks moved, the tapping that followed me, guess I put it down to my insanity. I went past Aoife, she was asleep I went in, stroked her face, and thought of the stuff I had done, stuff Manic would have done, I'm as bad as him, but that tapping again, I snapped back to the job I had to do. I stroked the hair from her face and kissed her on the forehead, then left the room, along the corridors lit by a single lane of lights. I saw Kat, looking better than I expected; Manic, laying with a bandage around his head, looking blankly out the window, something tugged at the back of my mind to kill him aswell, the reason for all the trouble. Then I remembered who put us here, the oath breakers, their voices filling my ears until I realised that was their actual voices I rolled slightly onto the corner until I saw them and then rolled back until I could only hear them.

Top Doc: What happened with subject and Charlie?
Little piggy: We don't know, Roger is checking the subject is falling asleep properly, so we can check with him how the subject is responding..
TD: I don't care what Roger is doing he is currently dead by the subject! What happened with Charlie Dominic?!
LP: Well, a guess I think we didn't take into account the number of times the target saved the subjects life, and so the subject's sense of 'justice' kicked in. Also, if he has discovered we were who we really are he could have hostile leanings to us, as we put his female companion in danger.
TD: By the plague docs saggy left..... Why did you not account for this, it was a simple enough task?!
LP: I'm sorry Richard, this is not my fault, this is not an easy process, and the psychological elements were your department. That means it's because of you Charlie is dead.
LP: Now, now, we wouldn't want our master to know that you have caused two of your companions death's, so maybe you should walk it off and check on Roger, hmmm?

The footsteps stormed away, he seemed to ignore me, I guessed he was too angry to notice. The other doc was whistling now, I wheeled quietly behind him as he sauntered away. I took the scalpel from the fold of my shirt and when I was in range I severed the ligaments connected to the back of is knees, my did he scream, he pleaded for his life said he'd let us go free, but they lie, he was dead before I put the blade went fully into his scalpel, I saw now as the perfect time to play with the last one, I wheeled into the blood pooling, and wheeled away, it led to Manic room I took Manics knife, it is never far from him, in fact it was on one of the doctors. I heard the running footsteps come to a stop and as I hid in the corner he walked in I opened an entrance to the path, it felt like some of my life left me. The doctor turned to face me and ran like a cornered animal, I twisted out of the way and he tripped over my front leg but grabbed my remaining shoe, as those shadow things Manic talks about came I was slowly pulled in, then the tapping again, the doctor looked hopeful, the cane came down on his hands and they curled and a finger fell off, and he was pulled in, the doctor closed the path, leaving what look like a hand still twitching in place like on the other end the person was in agony.

The doctor turned to me and I heard Manic mumble and Aoife stumbled in onto my lap and curled up, Kat limped in and found Manic and curled into a hollow his body left. The doctor continued to walk to Manic and placed his hand on Manic's shoulder, he tried to shrug it off, the doctor tapped his cane three times the hospital decayed, only word for it. like a human body boils and pustules formed, what looked like blood mixed with some yellow semi liquid oozed from the walls.

We woke up in our house, now repaired, but Manic is still missing.

Oh and Kat is pissed

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