Tuesday, 18 September 2012


As I can't seem to do anything for Grey at this moment in time I have reverted to my old project Kat seems to be happier with this, Tom has made little progress as little as we were making before, but hopefully it should work. Maybe I could incorporate it with my project for Grey, that may cause a more lasting change but looking at the components I think it would run into the same problems as the others, namely rejection or being combated and negated.

I think, I shall wait a while longer before revealing the project in it's entirety, as proxies probably read this I know this as yesterday one, just one was just sitting outside with a cricket bat.
I gave him the choice to run, to not be another one of my victims to go back to his kin and he would live, he charged at me as always I just sidestepped him and caught his arm and took the bat from his hand and threw it into the bushes.

M: Leave.
Proxy: No.
P: No.
M: You're leaving here one way or another either with your life or without it, your choice.
P: The latter's the one I came for.
M: What do you mean, you want me to kill you?
P: Yes.
M: Why did you come to me?
P: Because you're infamous, you've killed so many proxies and runners  I thought you'd do it without asking any questions, if I just attacked you then you would do it. But obviously that didn't work. Just kill me.
M: Why?
P: Because I can't take it anymore, that Thing I serve, enslaved to, it hurts all the time I never wanted this, I only wanted to protect my sister, I didn't want to kill them, I hear them scream when I close my eyes, see their faces in my dreams. Imagine the families I destroyed in order to protect my own. Kill me, it's the only way I can think they'll remain safe.
M: How old are you?
P: 16
M: 16? Too young, too soft. How long ago?
P: 18 months, 3 weeks, 4days.
M: How many?
P: 2
M: *I chuckle automatically at this* 2, your age?
P: One was the other was an old man that tried to help me but I had to kill him too.
M: Kid, do you know how many people I've killed, how long I've been part of this shit?
P: Since you were 6, and No.
M: Neither do I, I see all my victims faces too, I'm too scared to count, because I know the number would be too high for me to live with. I don't want to add yours to my list.
P: Then what do I do? I can't let him kill me.
M: Why not?
P: It's not on my terms.
M: Why wouldn't it be.
P: Because I didn't choose to serve and die for him I was forced to do it, he will win if he kills me.
M: But if I kill you, then you win, how does that work?
P: I choose to come to you, you aren't that Thing, you will understand.
M: Nothing is different only one of the beings is mortal, you wouldn't win.
P: If you don't kill me, I'll just come back again and again, until you do, so do it, KILL ME!
M: No.

*Kat comes out at this point probably to investigate the noise*
P: If you don't I'll come after her and I'll hurt her.
M: I'd like to see you try, and it wouldn't be me you would have to worry about.
What's your name Kid?
P: *looks apprehensive*....... James
M: Your sister's?
P: Jane
M: Your Parent's?
P: Dominic and Emma.
M: The place you live?
P: Bath.
M: Keep thinking about those things, your home, what it's like on rainy days, sunny days, good days, bad days, think of what it means to you.

*I was advancing on the kid all this time, and just came to him now*
M: Close your eyes

He seemed to do this which barely contained excitement, and quivered with it, I put my hand on his shoulder and he flinched a bit but didn't withdraw, this kid was ready to die.

M: Too young to die, young enough too live.

He tried to pull away at this moment but I kept my grip firm and did the same thing to him I did to Tom and Aoife.

M: Sleep now, you're safe, they  can't haunt you anymore.

 I took him home, hopefully he's free now.

K: What happened to you Manic, you don't do that they'll be coming for him and you again, you handed him a death sentence.
M: Haven't you learnt anything from being around me. I didn't sentence him to death. I sentenced him to life. I'll protect him if I think he's in danger, he deserves the life we never got.
K: I hope this won't come back on us.

*I smile my cheeky smile*
M: Of course not my dear.

I still don't like the box, but I'm still quite busy, so that is it for today, maybe someone will die next time,

see you next time on That's so Slendy,

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

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