Thursday, 27 September 2012

Damn Werewolves

I got it, though as you expect there was someone protecting it, well something it's hard to call the thing I saw human anymore, the wolf had taken over, even in it's 'human' form you could see the wolf in his eyes, he warned me to turn back and leave, well that didn't happen.

Werewolf: Turn back, from this place, I don't not wish to kill you.
M: Why would you kill me this is a plant that can cure you, don't you want to be free of this curse that has been placed upon you, surely this is not the life you wish to live?
W: The wolf demands you die, lest it die, the wolf sustains me and makes me strong, I must guard this plant from any who would wish to use it to kill the wolf.
M: You know I have come too far and lost too much to be killed by a werewolf, so if you wanted to live you should turn and leave.

I saw the man and the wolf battle with each other in the mans head, the man turns away apparently heading my warning but not accepting my help. I heard a sharp crack and the mans was facing me but his feet were pointing backwards, the wolf was evident in his face.

Wolf: NO! *It barked* you shall not kill me or one of my kin, you men are weak, we wolves are strong and proud, we will not run from battle like our shells do, tonight you die.
M: You think so, do you?

I actually saw my first transformation, his legs seemed to crack and muscles warp, his nose grew with his mouth so he had a snarling mouth, his stomach distended and his chest expanded his arms did the same thing as his legs now all his body seemed to expand until it was a wolf up to the bottom of my ribs.

M: Well, this will be fun won't it, to the death I presume?

The wolf snarled, I guess in agreement.

From the size I guess the subject was an old wolf being more than twice the size of grey, and if they grow every year they are alive this would be expected.

He jumped at me and I rolled away, with creatures that large their size is as much a hindrance as it is an advantage. Proven when the wolf skidded about two feet before it got it's claws in for traction. I saw from the gouge marks in the earth that the claws were extremely long. 

I  had a knife in laid with alot of silver, cost a shit load I can tell you that, and a lump of lead large enough to kill a chimera. So I took out the knife first and started my attack, every time I dodged it I got a shot at its underside even castrated it once I think, though it was hard to tell cause it always healed and nothing I did caused it any lasting damage, except a few scars possibly due to the presence of silver. I had a chance of killing it in one fell swoop but it was risky I fell back, the wolf stood over me ready to strike I took my bag as if to protect myself, it went for my throat, I took my bag and shoved it down the gaping maw, the teeth closed around my arm severing enough muscle as to make it useless, well almost, I barely got my arm out and put the knife through the top and bottom jaw and used a rock to bend the end so it stayed in place.

The wolf tried to cough up the lead and dislodge the knife but it couldn't do wither I stumbled to the place the plant grew there seemed to be enough I took it put it in a bag and put it in my pocket as I didn't exactly have my bag anymore in my susceptible state I must have accessed an old part of my mind because my arm started to itch and it healed itself. I kept telling myself, everything is possible, nothing is certain. I heard the wolf choke and opened my eyes saw that it's movement were becoming more subdued and was reverting back to human form. I walked over and took the knife out of the jaw I wouldn't make him suffer.

Wolf/Man: Thank you, I'm free.

With that I put the blade through his skull he twitched and stopped I took an hour to bury him then left with my prize, it is currently being made three more days and Grey is cured, hopefully. Though he does seem strange since I brought the plant back, he seems really hostile, I'll have to keep an eye on him, this might not end well.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse


  1. *Begins writing Twilight crossover*

  2. Really would I stoop so low to vampires that sparkle........ probably, I probably would.