Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A strange Encounter

Well I don't know how to react to this but Grey came yesterday, He looked rough, as hell, I guess I know now.

Some background on this guy, looking back you may have thought from the context of the post where I first saw him it was Sirus, he's dead I checked that. Grey......... He was my partner when I was a proxy, the closest thing I could call to a friend in that organisation, he was in essence my brother when Sirus couldn't. He died 1 month before I left, or I thought he did, I made a poor decision chasing a group of runners, or were they cultists, I can't remember, and my poor decision ended up with Grey having a massive knife sticking out of his chest, I held him as he died, cried for the first time in a while, watched as he choked on his own blood, as he quivered and fell still, as the life left his eyes.

He turned up to my door, I saw him and greeted him with the same hostility as before:

M: How did you survive?
G: Luck I think, pure unadulterated luck.
M: But how?
G: Actually....... That's why I need your help Manic, you're the only one I trust to do this, the only one I believe who could do it.
M: Do what?
G: Cure me.
M: Of what?
G: Do you remember I went on that mission without you to Tahiti, hunting down a rough proxy, well you remember those stories we heard about the Slender Man creating proxies with powers and abilities akin to creatures found in our mythology.
M: Yeah, but what does that have to do with it?
G: Well, They weren't stories, the proxy I hunted was what you would call a werewolf, but he didn't walk upright, he just turned into a large wolf. The reason he went rough was because he couldn't control the wolf when he changed, but he managed to keep it under control by forcing himself to change and giving the wolf enough freedom that he didn't force himself out during full moons it was more a yearning to be free, but it didn't force a change. Now I caught up with him when he was in wolf form, so I couldn't negotiate with him, I only found out he was a werewolf after the mission.
M: Is there any point to this story?
G I'm getting to that. Now as I said he was in wolf form hen I caught him, but he didn't want to go, the wolf didn't want to be cage, I don't know who controlled whom at that point of time, I think the man was mostly gone by that point. So it ran at me and went for my throat, and as you had always said to keep your knife out when attacking something, I brought it up but it bit into my shoulder unimpeded, like nothing had touched it. I remembered the stories heard and remembered  the silver operator symbol in my pocket, I stabbed it again with the knife but shoved the symbol in before the wound closed, which it did, sealing the symbol in, the beast writhed and thrashed bleeding everywhere, including onto me. It bit half way through my leg, gored me with a claw across the stomach. I thought I was going to die.
M: But I saw you a week after that mission you looked fine.
G: *Small chuckle* I was picked up by a scouting team coming to see if I succeeded, they said I was found next to the mans human corpse in the morning, and noticed I was healing extremely quickly. They didn't think anything of it, so just let me off before a week that was when you saw me. A few weeks later the full moon came, I was in a random barracks for a mission when I turned I don't remember anything except the pain as I changed, until the morning when most of the proxies I was staying with were dead.

M: Wait you are telling me that you are a werewolf, an occult creature that is turned by the full moon, and has weakness to silver?
G: Pretty much.
M: You want me to cure you of lupinism?
G: Yes.
M: And how am I suppose to do that, I'm getting chased by fears who are staying away only because they are scared of the Sub- Mixtures, and the proxies are too scared of me to try and attack me, but that may change, they may find antidotes, and then I'm up shit creek with a bleeding paddle. I have no starting point to cure it, if there is one.
G: Then kill me.
M: What?
G: Kill me, I can't do this any longer, there were two full moons last month, it almost killed me, I killed more people.
M: Then kill yourself, I have too much blood on my hands to add yours.* I turn away to go and lean against the sofa with my back still to him*
G:  I can't I'm not brave enough, I put a gun with silver bullets to my head but I can't pull the trigger, So Manic if you're not going to kill me, you should cure me, unless you're like the proxies you condemn.
M: * I turn and see him slumped and dejected* I'll try but if I don't have a cure by the next full moon..
G: The 30th.
M: Then you are either gone or I kill you, clear.
G: *Massive grin* Very.
M: You also have to sleep on the sofa, and don't piss off Aoife or Kat stuff is hard enough around here without WW III.

So now I have a werewolf under my roof, I can't catch a break can I, For fucks's sake.

Stay Safe, stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

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