Friday, 21 September 2012

the attack

My God, how many proxies were there, how did the authorities not report that, how did they all ignore it, there must have been I don't know 40 or 50 proxies all gathered outside, with our old friend Slendy with them.

Two sharp cracks, one of them had a gun, yeah,

The gun totting proxy called me out as revenge and retribution for all of my crimes, Grey came down after the gun shots and asked what was going on, he didn't look that good, I saw the scars on his shoulder and stomach for the first time, they were large, but he also looked quite ill, he doesn't even wait to cook his meat these days. And he looks like he is ready to attack any one of us, and is quite irritable I have come so close to kicking him out so many times.

So this proxy called me out  and who was I to disappoint.

I went out to confront them with everyone huddled in the doorway and the proxies assembled before me
amongst them Slendy stood, then the really annoying proxy said in a self important tone.

Prick: You Rogue proxy Manic Muse are charged with the assault of 206 proxies, of which you murdered 154 of them. Therefore by the authority granted to me by our Father, as Overseer of the Northern London Area, Sentence you to termination on order of our Father, who has come to ensure this order. Do you have any last words before you are escorted to the designated  termination point?

M: Yes, Come have a go if you think your hard enough.

*He seemed to find this slightly annoying as his expression hardened*

Prick: So be it.

* I say to Kat,* When you hear me say so turn and run into the house, I don't care what you hear after hat don't look.
K: But...
M: Do it.

I walk forwards and one of the proxies comes forwards, and I punch him in the shoulder then dislocate his arm, one down, two down, I take the knife from one of them, 3, 4, 5, Bang.

Prick: That is enough you will come with us now or I will shoot you where you stand.

I don't know what happened next, but Grey started to change I heard a sound akin to bones breaking, and muscles tearing, an animal dying, I saw Grey contorted in some........ impossible ways, I can't describe how, but a wolf stood where he was a minute later. The Prick didn't seem to notice this cause I saw him about to pull the trigger, All I saw next was his bottom half fall down and hit the ground, Grey was now working his way through the proxies until Slender Man took him and threw him against a tree, I heard a yelp and Grey stopped moving. I then saw him in front of me again looking pissed.

M: So here we are again we need to stop meeting like this.

He reached down with one of his tentacles and squeezed my waist so hard I swear my intestines almost came out one end and my lungs the other. Brought me to his eye level like he would to make a point.

S: Try using your little weapons now, even if you do I have my proxies here you won't get through all of them.

M: Maybe,  but I might as well use my little toys one more time.   NOW!

I stabbed the syringe into the Slender Man's  'skin' and depressed the syringe, I closed my eyes as Sub- Mixture 6 coursed through his system, I felt him spasm and I felt the ground next, and heard screaming of all tones and pitches, it was anarchy and then, then I fell unconscious.

By the time I woke up, I saw all the bodies littered the front garden, and Slendy was gone, I saw smoke in the back garden and I also saw Grey (now in human form against the tree), I crawled toward him as I thought my legs were broken, because of the amount of pain I was in. I shook him he seemed to rouse a little I shook him again.

G: Hey dude, did we win?
M: Yeah we won, why did you do that, you didn't need to.
G: Yes I did, if I didn't there would have been no chance of you curing me would there.
M: But.... But..... You could of died.
G: It feels like I'm close to dying now
M: No, no you'll be fine.
G: I've always been able to tell when you were lying.
M: I'm not lying I'll save you, like I said I would, I'll fucking save you.
G: No Manic, no you won't, don't you see I am free I'm not healing, the Slender Man killed me, I can be free from this curse at last.
M: Don't think like that, I can heal you, I can make you better.
G: You can rebuild me huh, So we have the technology do we.
M: What?
G; *He chuckles* Never mind, but you know what sort of damage has been done to me, my spine is broken I can't move my legs, 4 broken ribs, 3 on my left, 1 on my right. Punctured lung, feels like my heart is about to burst. Don't worry, I want it this way, to be free.
M: No I won't let you die due to me again, I can't, I won't have your death on my conscience again.

* I put my hands on him and try to heal him like I used to do, Grey looked slightly expectant, nothing happened, nothing changed*

G: * He chuckles again, excepts he coughs up blood this time as well* Manic, you always smart, but you're not smarter than death. Good bye Brother.

He slumped against me, his heart beat gone. I shook him, he didn't wake up,

M: No, come on, NO!

K: Manic, what happened what... *I guess she saw Grey and stopped* Is he gone?
M: Yes.
K: I'm sure he's in a better place.
M: I hope so.
K: At least he doesn't have to have you tearing chunks out of him all the time now I suppose.
M: Wait, maybe....
*I started running to the house*
K: Manic what are you doing?
M: Not smarter than death, Pah, I outwitted it once I can fucking do it again.

I took the last tissue sample I had from Grey, I checked them, they still had the lycanthropic hallmarks.

I was outside again. I injected them into his heart if I could just get that working. I pound his chest getting it pumping.

K: No Manic stop.
M: Why I won't let him die for me again, not this time, I can save him.
K: But why should you?
M: What do you mean, I can save him I have his old werewolf cells if they still convert old tissue then they can repair him.
K: But he died human like he wanted, if you bring him back ass a werewolf do you really think he'll thank you.
M: But I can cure him after I save him.
K: But he's at peace now.
K: Well, if you know best try, and save him, but if you fail you'll feel bad that you lost, if you succeed then you'll be pissed cause Grey would be pissed at you, but what do you care what I think. I'm not important in anyway.

*I start pumping again, I must have done it for an hour, it got dark before he stirred again, I heard crack as vertebra snapped back in place, as ribs mended and his breathing, he opened his eyes*

G: Wha... What, if this is heaven I'll be royally pissed.
M: No not heaven.
G: Then.... Why ain't I dead?
M: Cause I have the fucking technology.

*Grey laughs*

We spent yesterday resting, God knows we need it, all the bodies are gone, either burnt or thrown into the path.

So my most heart felt parting words for a while,

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

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  1. I am so fucking glad I gave you those recipes. Be more careful next time, though.