Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The answer

I walked down stairs yesterday to find Aoife cowering in a corner and Kat screaming and crying on one of the chairs she had a knife in her hand and Aoife had a gash in her arm.

I asked Aoife what happened, she said that came down normal enough with the same hostility as ever, but half way through making the breakfast she broke down and started screaming, Aoife went to see what was wrong but basically got stabbed and Kat kept trying to attack Aoife so she just ran to a corner and picked up something to defend herself with and Kat lost interest in her and went to the chair and hadn't moved since. I'm surprised by her saying Kat had been screaming for awhile because I only saw Tom coming out of his room the same time as me, so neither of us heard it. Maybe She imagined it, but Kat did have a bloody knife, and was crying and screaming, how could Tom and I not have noticed it, Tom and Aoife went back up to their room to fix the wound, Tom and I exchanged worried looks, we have to get the project complete before she does anything too terrible like actually kill someone.

I approach her slowing saying her name and coaxing her out of her state, but nothing worked, I eventually just had to go up to her and shake her, she tried to stab me as well, but I unlike Aoife caught her wrist and twisted the knife out of her grip, this just meant she started clawing and punching me, I just hugged her close until her screaming had settled to sobs and she stopped trying to attack me.

M: What happened?
K: HE CAME! That fucker he taunted me with images of you dead I thought I saw your rotting corpse trying to attack me crush me. I was in the kitchen making breakfast with Aoife, when suddenly she was gone and it looked like the Slender Man had taken her place so I attacked do the only thing I could. I chased him, he seemed to run, then it changed so I saw Patrick huddled in the corner dead, so I just broke down in the chair, I.... I ..... I

*She breaks down into more sobbing now*
M: shhhh, shhhh, I'll get him back, it will be fine, I'll fix it like I always do.

* Tom comes down the stairs checking on me looking slightly anxious*

T: How is she?
M: *I shake my head* How's Aoife?
T: She's alright it will heal well enough, she's just in shock and really pissed off.
M: That time of the month then.
*We both attempt a mockery of a smile, but we barely manage it*

T: It really is that bad Manic, isn't it Manic.
M: Yes, it's why I brought you on board with this, are you still stuck on the same problem.
T: Yes, it's too unstable and it denatures too quickly to be useful, and we can't even get a test subject, to be honest I don't even know if it's safe enough for us to handle, we may be killing ourselves doing this.
M: We're dead anyway, not even me wiping your memories saved you, as long as I'm connected to you in someway you are in danger. And believe me I tried to die.
T: *Speaking to Kat (probably to avoid that statement)* Hey Kat, how you doing?
K: * She just keeps her face buried in my chest sobbing silently*
M: I think it's best if you just leave her with me now, look after Aoife she probably needs you most now.
T: Ok *looking dejected* But look after her this time.

I actually manage a grin at this, and thought to myself it's not always the best to burn too many of your bridges.

The realisation struck me like a train, I got the box quickly from my room, I said aloud, bridges. I saw the eyes in the pages blink and the words faded, the image moved to another corner leaving what looked like a burnt imprint where it used to reside.

Box: Well done, Muse. You have passed one of the tests put to you, but many more will come, and even then you might not find out my secrets. There is a truth that many, have found out about me, but you still are blind to it. 

The words are then replaced by another riddle:

" I am knowledgeable, I am hard or soft, divided yet whole. You may not understand me and not everyone can use me. What am I?"

You know what I'm getting bored of autonomous pretentious objects, if it was just another block of wood I would just scrap it now, but it isn't it can't be. 

My same wishes to all of you,

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp, and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

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