Thursday, 13 September 2012

The library

Was uneventful, no Bone spiders, No army personnel to deal with, I'm surprised it was so easy, it was almost too easy like they wanted me to find it, I would be surprised if I hadn't already spent what felt like an eternity in it.

I came across the section concerning the proxies of the fears Some of them were written in the fear tongue, I learned a part of it during my imprisonment in these dimensions so I could converse with a fear if I wished, and I know their fear names.

I looked for the book containing the language, and I took the Book I saw named Der Gro├čman, as far as I'm aware the oldest and most well documented term for him (Unless you subscribe to the Dark Harvest thought that his name is Gorelehotep). Now I read the book, and mainly it told the history of the being in this dimension, he may have a name in another dimension separate from ours where he goes by another name, which also resides in this library. I came to the part regarding proxies of the Slender Man, I saw Agents, Hallowed (Numb as I call them), Revenant, skimming them, then I saw one 'Lycanthrope' it told the history of the proxy from the beserkers and such, from the Greek's who believed they were sorcerers that wore animal hides, a reference to the native Americans and the Mai-cob. spanning millenia to even the Meso- Americans and Mayans.

It talk about some ways to kill the proxy if it become too dangerous to keep it alive and kills more servants than it does hunted.

It mentions a substances that from the language says Lupus mortem,   wolf's death, it doesn't specify whether it reverses the change or kills the affected person. I looked for other ones but yet again none specified if they cured or killed, or both. And I don't know what any of the things that are mentioned are, My best chance is Lupus Mortem, it gave a slight description of a long stalk with leaves covered in what looks like fur, it grows 4 days before a full moon and requires 4 days to be effective against the target, it grows under covered areas  by a stream of pure water, though the nearest werewolf will defend it till teh death for fear of losing his power, and will change regardless of the moon. And yet again it grow's most prosperously in Ireland, fucking Grand.

So I guess that's my plan of action, go to Ireland, find a rare plant that grows one day a month, fight any werewolfs nearby, hopefully stop the Slender Man also killing me and the rest of them, Oh and stop Kat and Aoife killing each other.

So much Fun.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

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